What we offer

Our services

Four areas of expertise to offer a multidisciplinary service aimed at supporting the client in all management, contractual and administrative issues.

Technical and Commercial Management

Our Asset Management services support the owner of the wind plant not only for what concerns the supervision and monitoring of performances but also for every technical, administrative, contractual and financial issue as well as for compliance to current regulation. An experienced “control room” designed to manage the relations with every player involved in the energy market, such as maintenance technicians, insurance companies, surveillance companies, financial institutions, local authorities and real estate owners.

Energy management

We provide services for the measurement and sale of the energy produced by the plants: from the selection of the best Power Purchase Agreement to the handling of the relations with GSE and compliance checks with the producers, including the management of the relations with customs, electric energy, gas and hydric authority.

Due Digilence and transaction support

We evaluate the adequacy and proper mode of operation of renewable energy plants, with a particular focus on the analysis of technical, contractual, commercial and management issues, but also extending to assistance in transactions as well as selection of plants of potential interest for the investor. A service designed to monitor and manage balance sheets and corporate structures.

Tailor-made specialized services

We provide services for the preparation to plant evaluation visits or plant purchase: we put in effect a precautionary evaluation of the inclusiveness of technical, administrative and legal documentation, we offer support for the preparation or management of GSE inspections; we also organize extraordinary maintenance and repowering; furthermore we provide operative backing to financial institutions in cases of distressed assets. Proxima helps accountants, lawyers, curators and consultants engaged in the repossessment of non-performing plants or in case of bankruptcy of the owner.